Launching Legal Action Following An Accident

3 Legal Auto Accident Claim Mistakes You Must Avoid

An automotive accident can be costly. Not only will you incur medical expenses, but your vehicle might also sustain severe damage requiring expensive repairs. Luckily, your insurance company can help you cover some or all these expenses.

Third-party insurance schemes are compulsory in most states. They allow you to make a no-fault claim when you get injured in an auto accident. However, filing a claim is not always easy, and it requires you to meet specific requirements to get compensation. For this reason, you are better off working with an experienced auto accident compensation lawyer. A proficient lawyer will help you evade the following mistakes.

1. Speaking to an Insurance Investigator Without a Lawyer

Once you make a claim, the insurance company will first investigate the situation before accepting it. During this time, they will go over the police reports, analyse your medical records and take statements from the witnesses. During your interview with the investigator, it is vital to have your auto accident lawyer present. Sometimes, insurance investigators can twist your responses to weaken your case. A lawyer will guide you and prevent you from making any incriminating statements.

2. Failing to Call the Authorities

It is required by law that you file a report any time you are involved in an accident that causes damages or injuries. In some cases, the driver at fault may try to stop you from contacting the police to avoid facing the wrath of the law. Reporting the incident makes it easy to prove your case. Moreover, the police will collect evidence and write down a report, which will go a long way in building your case. 

Police evidence includes photographs, witness statements, and crash details reports. So, failure to call them means you miss out on these crucial pieces of evidence. Furthermore, you make your claim more credible when you provide the insurer with police evidence. 

3. Getting Medical Attention at Your Convenience

Sometimes you may get into an accident and only come out with minor injuries. Because of that, you might choose not to go to the doctor immediately since you have not noticed any physical bruises or fractures. However, failure to get immediate medical attention only complicates your claim application process. If health complications resulting from the accident arise later on, it will be hard to convince the insurer. Therefore, it is essential to get a medical examination immediately after the accident, even if you have no visible injuries. 

Engaging a lawyer in an auto accident claim is vital if you wish to get your rightful compensation. Keep in mind that the personal injury lawyer has dealt with such cases and knows the best steps to follow to ensure you build a strong case.