Launching Legal Action Following An Accident

Personal Injury Myths You Should Know About

Accidents and injuries are a part of life. But when those accidents occur due to someone else's negligence and have a profound impact on your life, you may be able to seek compensation. Before you contact a lawyer, it's worth understanding some common myths that surround personal injury claims. By doing so, you can manage your expectations and make the process less stressful.

You're Set for Life

In a small number of cases, personal injury claims can cover lifelong losses. However, those cases usually apply to life-altering injuries that never improve. As such, you're unlikely to receive enough money to last the rest of your life for a broken bone or whiplash. Your lawyer and the courts will assess the value of financial losses you have incurred as a result of your injury. Other factors could also come into play, such as mental anguish. 

Your Injury Is Too Small

Don't fall into the trap of believing that your injury is too small for you to justify making a claim. Instead, consider the impact the injury has had on your life. If an injury forces you to take time off work or reduce your working hours, it's incurring financial losses. Similarly, if it increases your medical bills, you deserve financial support for such instances. Even if an injury reduces your quality of life for a brief period, you may be able to seek compensation. Speaking with an attorney should identify whether a case like yours is likely to succeed.

Attorneys Have the Same Experience

At the core of their training, personal injury attorneys will acquire the same legal skills. However, as their education continues and their experience progresses, they become more specialized in certain areas. When someone advertises themselves as a personal injury attorney, they may not have the experience you need in your field. For example, someone who is highly skilled at tackling workplace injuries may not have as much experience with medical claims. To increase your chances of success, try hiring someone who has relevant experience.

Your Job Is at Risk

One myth that prevents people from pursuing workplace claims is the idea that they risk losing their job. However, your employer can't dismiss you from pursuing a claim and you have a right to compensation just as anyone else does. If an employer does dismiss you due to your claim, you can sue them for unfair dismissal. If you have concerns about your job security, it's worth talking them over with an experienced lawyer.

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