Launching Legal Action Following An Accident

Critical Questions to Ask a Prospective Compensation Claims Lawyer

Injuries arising from accidents in commercial spaces are eligible for scrutiny to determine if negligence played a role. Thus, you need the services of a compensation lawyer to get the maximum compensation you are entitled to. Since you only have one chance to claim compensation, you should entrust the claims process to the right compensation lawyer. One way of hiring the right professional is to ask pertinent questions. This article highlights critical questions to ask a prospective compensation claims lawyer.

What Is the Lawyer's Specialisation in Compensation Law?

Personal injury law comprises various fields, including compensation. Thus, most people look for a lawyer who specialises in compensation law and leave it at that. However, such clients fail to realise that one can make different claims under compensation law, including workers' compensation claims, car accident claims, public liability claims, and medical negligence claims. Notably, the processes of each of the compensation claims is unique; hence, you need to find a lawyer conversant with the type of claim you want. Thus, ask a lawyer to state which area of compensation claim they specialise in before hiring them.

Do the Facts Point to Potential Compensation Claim?

A professional lawyer should look at the facts of a potential client's case before agreeing to represent them in court or mediation. Additionally, a lawyer should know if a client has a potential compensation claim by going through case facts. In this regard, an experienced lawyer will inform you whether you have a case or not before you go any further. The question is vital because it prevents you from wasting time pursuing a compensation claim you are not entitled to. Even if a lawyer includes a 'no win no fee' policy in an agreement, they should at least assure you that your case stands a chance.

Who Will Handle Your Claims Case?

Compensation claims cases take long regardless of whether they are straightforward or not. Therefore, you should know who you will be interacting with during the period. Notably, most large law firms often speak as a collective unit, but the truth is that the lawyer you meet during the initial interview is not the same one you will be communicating with throughout your case. Therefore, you must ask a law firm's representative the exact person you will be dealing with from start to finish. The last thing you want is to deal with a new lawyer every time you need to follow up on your claims case.